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2019 Meetings

On 11 January ten of us met on Friday 11th January 2019 at our temporary meeting place at The Conservative Club, while the Abbey Centre is being refurbished. We had a number of apologies, mostly because people had other events to attend. Anyway the 10 of us enjoyed a drink from the bar and recalled our early childhood memories. One member was born in New Street and told us a lot about that street and what it looked like a long time ago before Bowen Square, another lived in Watford village and could remember two coaches of evacuees arriving. Yet another member could remember being in the Anderson Shelter during a bombing raid on Birmingham and a bomb dropping forty yards away. The bomb crater stayed there for years!.

triangOur Treasurer could remember his Tri-ang truck from his second Christmas.

Another member brought along a childhood photo and the teddy bear that has been with them all along. Another member talked about the third family that they stayed with as an evacuee, a marvellous teacher. Someone else could remember their "crinkly" material swimsuit on a childhood photo knitted swimsuit and another member brought along a picture that they could remember in their grandmother's house and subsequently inherited it. Finally another member remembered a motor bike and side car and cowslips.